Since pets can’t shop for products themselves, it’s up to us to make the best choices to promote health,

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Just like in humans, a pet’s needs change as they age. Make it count! This process goes beyond the greying

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Nutrition for our pets is just as vital as it is for humans, and education about ingredients and their

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The Science of Happier, Healthier Pets

IVS proudly provides health, grooming and wellness products made adhering to the industry’s highest quality standards for our four legged friends. Learn more about our commitment to quality and the science of healthier, happier pets.

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Nutrition for animals is just as vital as it is to humans

Our products consist of these key ingredients to improve and invigorate a pet’s natural life.


Natural USA Health-Promoting Ingredients

Healing power of natural ingredients improve skin and coat.


Healthy Lifestyle Choices From the Inside-Out

Helping You Understand The Research Behind Optimal Health


Retinol / Vitamin A

Retinol is an animal form of vitamin A, essential for vision, and when converted to retinoic acid is essential for skin health, teeth remineralization and bone growth.